Events at the Wellsprings

At the turn of the 20th century, a large pavilion situated next to a pool facility brought weekend music and dancing events during the summer months. More than one hundred years later, the WellSprings continues to attract thousands each year to daily classes, workshops, retreats, and nighttime entertainment events.

The 30-acre property offers several separate venues that contribute to the overall diversity of events that can be staged at the WellSprings. The WellSprings has hosted weekend educational and music festivals, retreats and workshops, dances and musicals, birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, evening shows, and pool parties, to mention a few.

A number of special features make the WellSprings an attractive environment for events, retreats and workshops. First and foremost, “it’s the water.” With the spa open until midnight, attendees may take a relaxing and refreshing soak between classes and before, during, or after late night events.

Situated on the Bear Creek Greenway bike path and along the Rogue Valley Transportation District public transportation route, the WellSprings is positioned just one mile north of Ashland, allowing workshop-goers to take in a Shakespeare play or a meal in town after a day at the WellSprings. For dining on site, Ganesha Cafe offers evening meals of organic, locally-grown vegetarian cuisine, as well as catering upon request.

Additionally, an open-air kitchen, located in the Sacred Garden Meadow, accommodates outdoor events and those who prefer to prepare their own meals. There are a number of affordable housing options to workshop attendees, including car camping, RV hookups, tent camping, teepees and domes. Finally, the facility is equipped with state of the art audiovisual equipment, tables and chairs, and an array of beautiful teak furniture to help create an ambient and welcoming space for your event.

The WellSprings is centrally located between Portland and San Francisco, situated one-half mile off the interstate (I-5) from Exit 19, and just ten miles from the Medford International Airport.

The Casbah Pavilion

Situated next to the Ganesha Cafe and the Tea Room, the Casbah Pavilion is covered by a tall circus tent. The space measures forty feet by eighty feet and accommodates parties as large as two hundred persons. Daytime use includes outdoor dining and an Internet café. During night time events, restaurant guests may experience a dinner show below the newly constructed, spacious Casbah stage. The stage is equipped with modern lighting and an advanced sound system. After hour acoustical musicians perform at a multi-level fire pit that comfortably seats sixty.

The Casbah is an outdoor venue best utilized from late early May through October. Two outdoor propane heaters and a fire pit extend the season on both ends. The floor is concrete, covered with carpets. There is an assortment of Moroccan furniture on the carpeted dance floor, as well as a number of chairs, coffee tables and sofas. Additional folding tables and chairs are available upon request.

Out of respect for our neighbors, we attempt to conclude shows at 10:30 pm.

A 50 square foot drumming tower overlooks a 360 square foot covered stage. The house sound system, comprised of the following components, can be rented for seventy five dollars ($75) per performance:

  1. 24 channel Presonus digital mixer
  2. 24 channel snake
  3. 10 stage lights
  4. 12 channel sub-snake
  5. 2 PRX 635 XLF sub-woofers
  6. 2 Yamaha DSR 112 main speakers
  7. 4 QSC K12 monitors
  8. 14 microphones
  9. 9  microphone stands

The Sacred Garden Meadow and Seamana Amphitheater

In a park like setting, Wildcat Gulch meanders past vegetable and herb gardens, the Mikvah, Buddha Skywall, Goddess Temple and College of the Melissae before opening onto a two acre field that accommodates exclusive parties and events. The secluded nature of the Garden Meadow attracts weekend concerts and festivals, as well as weeklong retreats and workshops, oftentimes devoted to the subjects of permaculture design, ecological restoration, and environmental science.  The natural setting invites private weddings, family reunions, and the like.  The Garden Meadow is under the auspices of the Health Research Institute.

Carved into the natural hillside, the Seamana Amphitheater is situated above a grassy meadow and accommodates more than one hundred participants relaxing on blankets or lawn chairs.  Towering maples and oaks provide shade for the stage and offer a scenic backdrop. The stage is ideal itself is ideal for musical events and lectures.  In recent years, promoters have elected to erect a larger stage for festivals.

The Sacred Garden Meadow offers ample room to accommodate up to 60 vendors and is equipped with a number of “breakout rooms”, including Apple Island, domes and the Medicine Lodge teepee upon request. An outdoor kitchen is ideal for outdoor catered events.

Out of respect for our neighbors, we conclude shows at 10:30 pm.


Community Room (dojo)


-12.5/hr for ongoing classes (at least 1 a month)

-$125/ day (M-F)

-$200/day -weekend rate

-$250- whole weekend (Sat, Sun)


-$35/hr ($25/hr for non-profits)


Events including sound, light, door

-30/70% door split after expenses (including, but not limited to, sound tech, light tech, sound rental, light rental, door person)

Seamana Earth Stage and Sacred Meadow

-$400/day (no lights/sound)

* $100 goes to Health Research Institute

Apple Island- outdoor meeting space

-$75/ weekend


All amplified music and drums (inlcuding hand drums) for ALL events must stop before or at 10:30 (after results in fines)

Artists or promotors- your own promotion is KEY! The Wellsprings does our part to let our community know of upcoming events, but for a sucessful events, it is crucial to reach out to your network, too!

All booking inquires please use this form or send an email to

-Artists, please include any web links to your own website/social media/ web video player

-All promotional material needs to be provided as high resolution pdf or jpg