Goddess Temple


Mission Statement

The Goddess Temple of Ashland is a sanctuary for the nurturance of the divine feminine in all. The temple itself is in a geodesic dome on the back ceremonial grounds of WellSprings. It is open from 12 - 7 pm every day, and there will be a Melissa, or temple keeper, there during these times. These men and women are volunteers who hold the sacred space and who are there to welcome you and answer any questions you might have.

The Goddess Temple is a place of deep nourishment, quiet reflection, prayer, meditation, rest, connection with Mother Earth, and subtle attunement for your spirit. We hold it to be true that the divine feminine is a Presence that lives in everyone, both men and women, and in the shared mystical experiences within every religious tradition. We welcome you!

Get Involved

If you feel inspired to be involved with the Goddess Temple, there are many ways to serve. Melissae, temple guardians, builders, dancers, artists, gardeners, tech wizards. Any of your gifts are welcome!

Temple Location

The Goddess Temple is located at the WellSprings, adjacent to the Sacred Garden Meadow, set beside the Tree of Life Gardens.

Visit the Goddess Temple of Ashland website for more information.